Find an investor on the Internet when you are an entrepreneur looking for private capital, it’s fashionable. Participatory investing is becoming more visible thanks to the many platforms that allow an individual looking to invest in a company to do so in good conditions. For the investor who is looking for a project to invest, we have selected the sites to follow. Futher reading at

Startups looking for financial partners: PaknerCheap

A company, when it starts, often needs urgent financing, especially if you have to implement a good idea before the competition. For those looking for an urgent loan, you can go to your bank, but also find the missing money from individuals who invest in SMEs.

Find a startup to finance on Particeep

The site highlights SMEs that have potential. These are selected by experts, who highlight the risks, knowing that there is always a risk to invest in a company that will launch. It is not necessary to have a large sum aside to participate in the financing of a startup, the entry ticket is quite low.

Go through a community for a participatory investment: Zalibago

It is a way to access professional projects that individuals believe, but also the specialists who have analyzed them. The investment starts at 1000 euros, which allows everyone, even a small saver to put himself in the shoes of entrepreneur, since it is somehow part of the project helped, on its scale.

Specifically, appointments are organized between entrepreneurs and those who want to invest. Meeting these young people is a way of believing in the project, asking all the necessary questions, even those who are angry, and making an informed decision.

Tax benefits

Helping companies, by providing them with capital, is a way of tax exemption, which is not the least of the advantages. It is thus possible to deduct 18,000 euros from its income tax, but also 45,000 euros from its wealth tax.

Sparkload: to enable entrepreneurs to find funds

When you start a start up, you often need significant resources, whether new technology or not. Sparkload allows you to raise the missing funds, if necessary, provided you convince individuals to believe in the project. It is not uncommon to be able to get the kettledrum there, that the needs are to find 10 000 euros, or why not, 100 000 euros.

How to present your project

The site makes it possible to quickly propose its project of company to who would like to invest there. There can be multiple investors for the same project, since it is possible to become one for 50 euros. For those who are put off by the administrative when creating a company, it is also possible to find on the site examples of legal documents such as statutes.

All business projects can claim to be eligible when it comes to promoting a company. Associations can not find capital in this way. The good news is that it is possible to present your project, even if the company is not yet created (you often have to raise money for it).

This is a system that can find more money than it is possible to do on some crowfunding sites (it is not uncommon to find 50,000 euros on Sparkload). Be careful: to find money is to give shares of capital in exchange. How far are you ready to go?

And how to invest?

Participating in the collective effort is not only paying taxes, it is also participating in this kind of economic initiative.

But investment is risky because not all companies will succeed, it’s the very definition of entrepreneurship. However, some can card, and save a lot of money to who has risked a small part of his savings. For everyone to measure the risk they are able to take, the more cautious to turn to booklet A.

Special fundraising rule: it is definitive only when the objective (needs) is reached. Which means that there are a number of investors who believed in the project.

Invest with Wiseto

Still a crowdfunding platform that dissects projects to find the best opportunities, with a good return to the key. Companies that can generate strong growth are favored. These are young companies, highly competitive in their field.

But as always with innovation, nothing is guaranteed, the risk always exists to lose 100% of its investment. However, the advantage of start-ups is that they do not have too many values, they create it every day a little more.

In the case of profits, you start by earning an annual return, corresponding to your share of the capital of the company, if the company decides to pay them to the shareholders rather than reinvesting them. Then, in case of transfer of its shares, it is possible to make a great gain if the company earns money and is growing.

To find a partner: my success story

A site that brings together all those who want to undertake. On, you come to submit your project, donate, or collect. The investor may be active or passive, as desired.

Let entrepreneurs tell you: private capital is not inaccessible! There are many savers, business angels, who are waiting for the right project to invest, financially speaking (but not only). An urgent loan can also be obtained through this means, it is not only banks in life.